The American 300 and Wrangler National Patriot Tour Join The Rodeo Round Up!

Jason “TEX” Hetland and the Rodeo Round Up are very excited, honored and humbled to announce a partnership with the American300 Tour and the Wrangler National Patriot Tour!  I had the honor of meeting and getting to the founder of the American300 Tour, Robi Powers at the 2103 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  While talking with him we came to understand each other and get to know each other on a personal level.  During our conversations he found out that I was a veteran and obviously involved within the rodeo industry.  He asked me if I would be interested in a partnership and to join the ranks of his tour along with the Wrangler National Patriot Tour.  I was overly excited about the opportunity and jumped at it without thinking twice.

robi powers

Robi Powers is the  founder and managing director of American 300 The Warrior Tours

Robi Powers is the founder and managing director of The American300.   He is a former National Team and Armed Forces Sports Program Athlete, 14 year US Ski Team Olympic and World Championship Teams Coach.   If that is not enough he is also a professional sports broadcaster.  This great ambassador and these outstanding organizations are one of the most, if not the most, needed type of foundations within the professional rodeo industry.  Well known names such as Kaycee Field, Stran Smith and Cody Wright are just some of the headline athletes that take time out of their schedules to help out with these organizations.  Kaycee Field is well known to do anything he can to help promote this cause.  Each night at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo there is a “Patriot Night” and he proudly wears a sponsorship shirt signed by numerous military members throughout the world.  Every one appreciates what this true ambassador does for the troops and the sport of professional rodeo.

american 300

I am very honored to be asked to wear their sponsorship shirts throughout the 2014 season and I will do so with pride.  Starting in January I will be proudly supporting the Rodeo Round Up’s new partnership with the American300 Warrior Tour and The Wrangler National Patriot Tour.  In each of the videos that I will will be doing I will proudly be wearing the shirts given to me to bring more awareness to these outstanding folks.  I hope to be able to be in on some of the tours that participate in throughout the year.  If I am able to get away to any of them I will bring you all complete and inside coverage of the happenings and the smiles that we all bring to those proudly serving our country!






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