2015 PBR World Finals Picture Presentation To Matt Scharping!!


Ever since the 2015 Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series World Finals this past October the Rodeo Round Up’s Jason Hetland has been keeping in contact with one of the sport’s most humble guys to ever grace the company, none other than Matt Scharping.  Some of the loyal PBR followers and fans may know his name but some of you may not know him but may know of the stock contractor he works for, Jared Allen and the Jared Allen Pro Bull Team.

matt and Magic Train

While in Las Vegas we were able to meet up and spend some time with Matt while getting his prized bulls ready for competition inside of the Thomas & Mack Arena.  While conducting the interview with hom regarding World Champion Bucking Bull contendar Airtime there was another story that was unfolding right before our eyes that we did not even know was going to happen at the time.  His “little baby” Lane’s Magic Train would soon take the spotlight and give all us a look inside the special bond that these two had with each other.

The photo above was one that was taken after Matt climbed inside the pen that Magic Train was in to go on camera and explain how close of a bond it was.  It was amazing to see the love and trust that these two had with each other while Scharping was talking us through their history with one another.  It was truely heartwarming to see the love and dedication that he has for each one of his prized bucking bulls but this bond was much more than that.  Below I have included the video that was shot on this very special day during the time that we got to spend with the Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team and Matt Scharping.  I hope that you continue to enjoy this special moment as much as we do each and every time you have a chance to watch it.  Enjoy!!

Earlier today Jason had a chance to catch up with Matt Scharping before the long trek of the 2016 Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series season begins next week in Chicago, Illinois.  Since Jason and Matt are both from Minnesota that was made much easier as a lunch meeting and presentation were set up at a mutal location.  I can say it was a pleasure talking with him for over an hour, not as a business meeting, but literally as two friends sitting down to meet up before things kick into full gear.  There are a few things that we have discussed and will bring to your attention as the time is right which you are not going to want to miss!


Jason Presenting Matt With The Picture

After our lunch I was able to present him with a framed picture that we took of him and Lane’s Magic Train earlier in the year.  Matt has always said that this was one of his favorite picutres of the two of them so we wanted to give him his own copy to hang in his house.  A huge shout out goes out to Phillip and Heidi Kitts from out partners at AVID Visual Imagery Rodeo Photography for capturing this priceless moment in time and for the dedication to what they do to make things like this happen!


Gifts From Our Friends At Phenom Genetics

Not only is Matt Scharping a fantastic stock contractor but he is also the founder and owner of the Phenom Gentectics Inc.  It was an honor to accept some very nice gifts from him and all those involved in the Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team.  I will wear these nice things very proudly and will show our support to them and their businesses as they have showed their support for the Rodeo Round Up in recent months.  Once again it was a huge pleasure and honor to sit down with Matt Scharping once again before the 2016 BFTS season starts.

With that being said there is much much more to come and the Rodeo Round Up coverage will bring you into Matt’s hometown and ranch as we bring you some exclusive footage throughout the 2016 season.  Along with that coverage we are lining up a very exciting interview opportunity to sit down with Jared Allen himself to get his thoughts on the PBR and the bucking bull ownership business that he is in.  Make sure to get your questions into Jason through our social media platforms so you can find out all the anwers to the questions you have for the man himself!

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