2014 World Champions Are Crowned!


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The 2014 Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo has taken over Las Vegas for the last ten consecutive days as the top cowboys and cowgirls in the World compete against each other for their share of the $6,375,000 in prize money up for grabs.  Once the dust was settled and the points added up it was determined who would be crowned World Champions in all the events and who would take home a brand new RAM pick-up truck for winning the Top Gun Award, an award given out for the contestant that makes the most money during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  The Rodeo Round Up was live for the events and brings you all the exclusive interviews with your 2014 World Champions!  Along with crowning the champions we celebrated some other true champions that protect our God given rights and freedoms 365 days a year, our United States veterans, as we honor all of them on Wrangler Patriot Night.

Bareback riding was the first to go and decide who would walk away as the king of the hill on this Saturday evening inside the Thomas & Mack.  You could feel the excitement in the air as the first rider nodded for the chute gate to open and the electricity never went away until the last champion was crowned.  Tonight the tenth round winner was Caleb Bennett who managed to put up a score of 86.50 points aboard Pete Carr Pro Rodeo’s Dirty Jacket .  Once everything was said and done it was Kaycee Feild who was once again crowned Bareback Riding World Champion and Jason caught up with him once it was determined he would take the title on a night that is very special to him and the Rodeo Round Up team finds out why!

The big boys of the steer wrestling took center stage inside the Thomas & Mack for the last time in 2014 as they competed against one another to determine who would be given the honor of being named their World Champion.  In the tenth round it was Dru Melvin that made a statement and was named the winner of the tenth and final go round of the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo with a 3.4 second run.  Even though all put fourth their best effort it was eventually Luke Branquinho who was named the World Champion Steer Wrestler for 2014.  Jason was able to catch up with him following the announcement and found out from him what this year’s World Championship means to him after a year filled with injuries and many hurdles.  He came into the finals in a distant 8th place and quietly worked his way into the number one spot and did not look back once he got there.  Listen to what he has to say below!!

Team Ropers were coming into the tenth round of the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo with a huge question mark on who would wind up being your World Champion header and heeler in the team roping division.  The race coming into the final performance was so close that everyone had to get a time regardless of if they had penalties or not but a score either way was needed to secure any chance of leaving Las Vegas a World Champion.  The tenth round winners were Brandon Beers and Jim Ross Cooper who made a nice run with a 4.1 second run.  After all was said and done it was Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill that took home the World Championship titles.

As the electricity inside the Thomas & Mack gained steam it was time for the saddle bronc riding event to take center stage as round ten’s performances would determine who would be crowned as the World title race was too close to call coming into tonight’s final round of the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  As things settled down and the scores came in it was Cody DeMoss would who win the tenth and final go round with a score of 86 points aboard Stace Smith Pro Rodeo’s Resistols Top Hat.  Although he won the round everyone’s eyes were on the World title race and it was announced that WNFR rookie Spencer Wright had become the newly crowned champion once all the score were tallied and the money was added up!  Jason had the chance to sit down with the champ following his ride in the tenth round and get his take on this year’s event and his thoughts on calling himself a World Champion.

The quick hands and even faster horses were next to take center stage as the tie-down roping event set the house on fire as everyone of the cowboys competing this year put everything on the line tonight and went for broke to finish off their 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo experience.  With so many contestants making a huge run at the barrier tonight the times were as fast as they have ever been.  The tenth go round winning run was from Adam Gray who pushed himself to the limits to a tune of 7.2 seconds.  Even though it was a fantastic run it was the night to crown the World Champions and in the tie-down event it was Tuf Cooper who was given that distinction.  Jason caught up with him after the ceremonies in the center of the arena to see what he had to say about his year, finals and World Championship.

Once the barrels were set place in the clover leaf pattern it was time for the pretty ladies on fast horses to take to the arena floor one last time while at the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  The race this year was way too close to call leading up to the tenth go round and all the fans inside the Thomas & Mack as well as the ladies in competition seemed to know just how important this round would be in determining who would become the World Champion Barrel Racer for 2014. The tenth round winner was Mary Walker who smoked the pattern in a time of 13.90 seconds to win her $19,000 for a go round win.  After all was said and done it was Fallon Taylor who would be crowned World Champion Barrel Racer for 2014.  Jason caught up with her to get her thoughts on her season, finals and World Championship title!

Bull riding was the last event to be held inside the Thomas & Mack and as part of the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo on an electric Saturday evening in Las Vegas.  WNFR rookie Sage Kimzey has been on fire for this ten day event and has been deemed World Champion prior to even going into the tenth and final round of competition.  Along with his World Championship he was awarded the Top Gun Award and given a brand new RAM pick-up for winning the most money at the 2014 WNFR.  Jason caught up with him after the tenth round to get his feelings on his first WNFR, his winning streak over the last ten days and what it feels like to win his first World Championship title.  The tenth go round winner in the bull riding was Tyler Smith who put together a ride of 84.50 points aboard D&H Cattle’s Hot Wired to win a beautiful Montana Silversmith belt buckle and claim his $19,000 payday!

Trevor Brazile, The King of the Cowboys, wins yet another All-Around World Championship title while competing at the 2014 Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  Competing in so many events and qualifiying for the finals in two does not get any easier on this rodeo family while in Las Vegas for ten straight days and being pulled in every direction possible.  This true legend of the sport handles it like it is just usual business and does not let it get to him.  Jason had a chance to talk to the new All-Around World Champion prior to the start of the tenth round to get his thoughts on the past week and his next World Championship belt buckle he collected to add to his mantle at home!

The entire Rodeo Round Up team has been honored to keep you up to date on all the happenings associated with the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and look forward to bringing you exclusive footage over the next year from around the country in 2015.  Be sure to follow us closely as you never know where the Rodeo Round Up will pop up from time to time.  Make this easy to do by copying our website into your favorites on your web browser, liking and following us on Instagram and Twitter at @therodeoroundup or by liking and following us on facebook here.






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