The 2nd Annual Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out Is In The Books

Over the past two days, 75 cowboys and cowgirls have competed here at the Orleans Hotel and Casino Arena for their chance to partake in today’s events.  The Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out has reached its final performance for the 2016 edition and will crown champions at the end of it all.  Today six of the eight contestants in each event, those that had the highest scores or fastest runs, were invited to compete in the Chute Out portion of this very unique event.

Today’s recap will feature those that have made it to today’s round as part of the top six that performed well enough to participate in today’s festivities.  In each of the seven events we will feature only the winning photo of the ride or run since our time was cut short to record and video interviews due to the WNFR start time.  We work hard to give you all a chance to get to know your cowboys and cowgirls a little bit better but we apologize for not being able to grab any video interviews, although, we did our best to grab as many of the 2016 Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out champion photos as we could!

Bareback Rider Bobby Mote Is Crowned Champion Here This Year

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Once the opening ceremonies drew to a close it was time to meet the top six contestants in each event that qualified for the Chute Out rounds here today.  In the bareback riding we were honored to see Mason Clements, Shane O’Connell, Casey Breuer, Bill Tutor, Casey Colletti and Bobby Mote compete for the championship title.  That being said before we could crown a champion we would have to widdle the field of six down to three for the final battle.

In the championship round three cowboys, Bobby Mote, Casey Colletti and Casey Breuer went head to head to see who would be the lone man standing on top of the mountain once all the rides were completed.  The action packed round that included three of the rankest bucking horses that are not across town lit up the arena as they gave the cowboys all that they could handle.  Once all was said and done it would be Bobby Mote who would take home $10,000 cash and the title or Bareback Champion after a huge 87 point ride.  I was able to catch up with him to see what he had to say about this weekend’s event and to see what he was going to do with all the cash he has in his pocket after the 2016 win.

2016 Cinch Chute Out Champion Steer Wrestler Kyle Irwin

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The big boys of steer wrestling were next to put on a show on Championship Saturday here inside of the Orleans Hotel and Casino Arena.  Coming into this afternoon’s third round only six of the eight that were competing would make another appearance inside of the arena.  Today those six lucky contestants would be Bray Armes, Hunter Cure, Kyle Irwin, Luke Branquinho, Sterling Lambert and Clayton Moore.  These six put together the fastest runs over the last two days to qualify for tody’s round.

Once the six were dwindled down to the final three that would advance to the Chute Out Round the buzz inside of the arena was electric.  All three that advanced went head to head and put on an amazing display of what steer wrestling runs are supposed to look like.  After it was all said and done it would be Kyle Irwin who would leave the Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out as the 2016 champion.  I was able to catch up with him to see what he had to say about his win here this year so take a listen below to hear from the man yourself!

Egusquiza and Adock Take Home The Championship Titles

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The next event that took center stage here this afternoon was the timed event sport of team roping.  In this event here this weekend we were able to witness some of the best team ropers in the business today that would include some of the legends of the sport.  Today six teams would do what they could do to make it to the final round of three.  Those six teams competing would be: Tsingine/Davis, Richard/Skelton, Egusquiza/Adock, Beaver/Profili, Begay/Cooper and Tryan/Corkill.

Once the above six teams made their runs the field of six would be narrowed down to a field of three for the final round to determine who would leave Las Vegas and the Orleans with the championship title and a cool $10,000 for their efforts.  Tonight, after and exciting final three round, it would end up being the team of Dustin Egusquiza and Clark Adock who would take the title and the money to go with it.

Cort Scheer Takes Home The Event Championship

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The classic event of saddle bronc riding was next on the agenda and was sure to put on a show for all of the fans inside of the Orleans Hotel and Casino Arena.  Today’s final round of six was filled with past Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifiers and definitely lived up to the hype that all those in attendance expected.  The six that would wow the crowd would be Chet Johnson, Wade Sundell, Jesse Bail, Chad Ferley, Cort Scheer and Cole Elshere.  Once the six competed it was time to look ahead to the championship round of three that would advance.

The final three competing at the championship round filled the star-studded line-up that all those here were hoping and expecting it to be.  This afternoon, after the final horse bucked, it was one man, Cort Scheer, that would stand above all others to claim the event championship title and the $10,000 to go along with it with a 90 point ride.  I was able to catch up with the man himself after his run to see what he has to say about the Boyd Gaming and Cinch folks paying all of the winnings in CASH and how he expects to spend it out here in Las Vegas.

Fred Whitfield Takes Home The Cinch Chute Out Title

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Fast hands and highly trained horses were the highlight of the next event here in round three of the 2016 Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out at the Orleans Hotel and Casino Arena.  In the tie-down roping all the fans and other contestants here today had the opportunity to watch six of the best go head to head.  In round three those six competing would be:  Clint Robinson, Monty Lewis, J.C. Malone, Adam Gray, Bryson Sechrist and the legend himself Fred Whitfield.

Once all six runs were complete the times were calculated and the announcement of the top three tie-down ropers from the first three rounds were made.  After the announcement was made it was time to put on an amazing show one more time.  When the final three were clear from the arena it was Fred Whitfield who would be crowned the 2016 Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out Champion and would take home a cash prize of $10,000 for their efforts over the last three days.  I was able to catch up with him so see what he has to say about everything in the video interview below.

Barrel Racer Jana Griemsman Takes Home The Event Win

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The ladies of the cowgirls of the barrel racing event were next to make the arena floor their own personal race track.  Six of these talented ladies qualified over the last two days to make the final clover leaf run around the cans in hopes of taking home the $10,000 prize for winning the event.  Tonight it was Christine Laughlin, Nellie Miller, Shali Lord, Jana Griemsman, Taylor Langdon and Katelyn McLeod would be able to run underneath the lights for the final time in 2016.

Once the arena was prepped for the final time it was the chance for the three ladies that had the fastest times in the round of six to go at it one more time for the event championship.  After things were all said and done it would be one of the fan favorites that would be crowned barrel racing champion for the 2016 Boyd Gaming Chute Out.  After all was said and done it would be Jana Griemsman who would be crowned the 2016 Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out Barrel Racing Champion!

Brett Stall Takes Home The Bull Riding Title

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Rounding out the afternoon, as well as the 2016 Boyd Gaming Chute Out, is the event that all fans were waiting to see as the bull riders took center stage for the last time.  In the final six round we were about ready to see many past Wrangler National Finals Rodeo contestants competing against each other right here at the Orleans Arena.  Those six vying to get to the next round would be Trevor Kastner, Bayle Worden, Dalan Duncan, Riker Carter, Josh Frost and Brett Stall.

Once the round of six was complete and the scores were tallied it was time to introduce the top three bull riders of the year that would be competing for the event title.  Brett Stall, Bayle Worden and Josh Frost were set to go head to head after all previous scores were wiped clean.  After all was said and done it would be Minnesota’s won bull rider Brett Stall who would take home the event championship and the $10,000 cash prize that went along with it.  I was able to catch up with him immediately after his run to see what he had to say about his big payday!

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The 2016 Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out was one for the record books as many of the top cowboys and cowgirls in the world came together with some legends of the sport to put on an amazing display of athleticism here at the Orleans Arena.  To say that this year was a complete success would be an understatement from behind the scenes to the action inside of the arena.  We look forward to covering this unique event once again during the 2017 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo festivities!

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