Round Two Of The Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out Is In The Books

Yesterday the second annual Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out began as part of the 2016 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo festivities around Las Vegas.  This year brings an entire different look as some of the most notable cowboys and cowgirls combine with many of those on the wrong side of the bubble that did not make the 2016 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo across town.  This unique event gives rodeo fans the chance to see some of their favorite rodeo athletes perform while it gives the athletes themselves a chance to make some money while in town for sponsor signings and such.

In round one that began yesterday, the Orleans Hotel and Casino the crowd inside of the Orleans Arena were treated to some amazing professional rodeo action as the 2nd annual Boyd Gaming Chute Out got under way.  Many of the fan favorite.  Legends, as well as all the invitees, put on an amazing show that will not soon be forgotten.  All the action began once again today as the second performance of the 2016 Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out got under way to determine who would make it to tomorrow afternoon’s Chute Out round of the top six in each event.

Military Tribute Opens The 2nd Performance

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As the fans started to fill the seats and the music began to pick up it was becoming known that the start of the second round was just around the corner.  In arena announcers Bob Tallman and Roger Mooney began talking sponsors and introducing some of the fine sponsors to those in attendance and welcomed everyone to the Boyd Gaming Cinch Chute Out.  After recapping the action in round one just 24-hours ago it was time to begin the opening ceremonies for round number two here at the Orleans Arena.

Once the lights dimmed on the arena floor it was the notification that the opening ceremonies were just about to begin.  Today was a special day as we all took a moment to honor all of our former, current and past military members that protect our God given rights and freedoms that we cherish was American citizens.  Throughout the entire section we were able to witness some amazing and talented members of our United States military.

Members Of The 58th Rescue Squadron Rappel Down To The Arena Floor

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Things started off in exciting fashion as the members of the Air Force 58th Rescue Squadron rappeled down to the arena floor from high in the rafters of the Orleans Hotel and Casino Arena.  Following that wonderful display was a chance for us to all see the United States Military Color Guard bring in the stars and stripes of Old Glory.  Along with all of that we were all lead in a beautiful rendition of our nation’s National Anthem by another current member of our United States Military to end a touching tribute to our troops!

Cole Elshere Takes Home The Win In Round Two

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After round one the contestants in the saddle bronc riding event were matched up with some amazing animal athletes that gave them all that they could handle.  Each of the contestants knew what they had to do in today’s second round to secure their spot in the final six round that begins tomorrow.  The anticipation and nervousness among the competitors could be felt all around the arena as we would find out who will be advancing to tomorrow afternoon’s Chute Out rounds!

This afternoon the action would be fast and heavy as the bucking stock spared no one and gave the cowboys all that they could handle.  After the action concluded and the dust settled we would see six of the eight cowboys competing here this weekend being able to make a qualified ride.  That being said, one man by the name of Cole Elshere would be able to come out on top with an 86 point ride and secure his spot in tomorrow afternoon’s Chute Out rounds.  I was able to catch up with him to see what he has to say about this event and his aspirations for the 2017 season so see what he has to say in the video interview below!

Christine Laughlin Smokes The Field In Round Two

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The female athletes are also very represented in the professional rodeo industry and today we feature the women of the cowgirl professional barrel racing event in association with the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA).  Yesterday the ladies all put down very fast times which almost broke arena records throughout the afternoon.  Today I have a feeling we are going to see even faster runs down on the arena floor now that the ladies have learned the pattern and the lay of the land.

Today’s round two did not disappoint as the ladies spread their wings and fly through the clover leaf barrel racing pattern stunning the crowd with huge runs.  Knowing that only the top six combined times would advance to tomorrow afternoon’s final round each and every lady was going for broke here in round two.  Once the action was over and the barrels were picked up it was Christine Laughlin who would lay down the fastest run of the round with a blazing 14.702 second time to head into tomorrow.

Bareback Riding

                                                         Bill Tutor (83.00)                   Mason Clements (82.00)

                                                         Casey Breuer (85.00)           Shane O’Connell (83.00)

                                                         Teddy Athan (84.00)                Bobby Mote (86.00)

                                                         Casey Colletti (87.50)           Tilden Hooper (81.50)

Steer Wrestling

                                          Hunter Cure (NT)                                          Luke Branquihno (4.06)

                                          Jake Reinhart (NT)                                           Sterling Lambert (NT)

                                         Clayton Moore (3.46)                                    Bray Armes (4.50)

                                         Tyler Pearson (5.97)                                           Kyle Irwin (4.49)

Team Roping

           Clay Tryan & Jade Corkill (3.74)                             Derrick Begay & Clay O’Brien Cooper (4.04)

           Joe Beaver & McCoy Profili (4.07)                         Billy Boy Brown & Logan Medlin (4.51)

           Aaron Tsingine & Justin Davis (4.88)                  Dustin Egusquiza & Clark Adock (4.26)

           Spencer Mithcell & Kinney Harrell (NT)                      Rhen Richard & Rich Skelton (5.32)

Saddle Bronc Riding

                                                    Jesse Bail (85.00)                               Tyrell Smith (79.00)

                                                    Spencer Wright (77.00)                        Chad Ferley (B/O)

                                                    Cort Sheer (83.50)                             Chet Johnson (B/O)

                                                    Cole Elshere (86.00)                         Wade Sundell (77.00)

Tie-Down Roping

                                      Fred Whitfield (8.38)                                      J.C. Malone (8.56)

                                      Bryson Sechrist (9.08)                                  Stetson Vest (11.17)

                                      Monty Lewis (13.83)                                       Adam Gray (9.69)

                                      Clint Cooper (17.64)                                           Clint Robinson (9.19)

Barrel Racing

                                               Lindsay Sears (15.538)                                     Shali Lord (25.407)

                                               Katelyn McLeod (15.119)                             Taylor Jacob (15.445)

                                               Taylor Langdon (14.962)                             Jana Griemsman (14.990)

                                               Nellie Miller (14.907)                                   Christine Laughlin (14.702)

Bull Riding

                                                 Trevor Kastner (B/O)                                   Bayle Worden (B/O)

                                                 Ardie Maier (B/O)                                              Dalan Duncan (81.50)

                                                 Chandler Bownds (B/O)                                   Riker Carter (85.00)

                                                 Brett Stall (86.50)                                           Josh Frost (86.00)


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Now that the two days of qualification rounds are done and over with we can look ahead to the championship performance that will take place tomorrow inside of the Orleans Arena.  In the first two rounds we saw eight cowboys or cowgirls in each event go head to head but tomorrow will be a bit different.  The round of the top six will compete first and after that round the field will be widdled down to three.  Once that round begins it will be then that we will crown our 2016 champions and award them their $10,000 checks!  The Rodeo Round Up team will be live to bring you a recap of all the action live from the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas!

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