Round Six Begins The Run Towards The World Championships At The 2016 WNFR


Over the last five rounds here at the 2016 Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo we have witnessed some unforgettable moments as well as some instances of heartbreak on the arena floor.  The 39 WNFR rookie contestants have put on an absolutely domination display of athleticism and proved to the world that they came with one thing in mind, to make a run at the world title and claim the overall average titles here at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

That being said, tonight in the sixth round of action inside of the Thomas & Mack, it was time to pay tribute to each and every one of those 39 contestants as the Resistol Rookie Night performance took place down on the arena floor.  In a very touching opening the young up and coming superstars within the PRCA and the Womens Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) were awarded Rookie of the Year saddles and Montana Silversmith belt buckles to honor their achievements over the last 365 days.


Charlie Daniels Lights Up The Thomas & Mack In Round Six 

PRCA Photo By Greg Westfall

Once the sold out crowd of 16,788 fans filed into the Thomas & Mack Arena it was time for the lights to be dimmed and the opening ceremonies to begin round six of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  Before the rodeo action could commence we needed to award the Rookie of the Year honors to those that rose above the rest throughout the 2016 rodeo season.  Each rookie honoree received a beautiful saddle as well as a brand new Montana Silversmith gold and silver belt buckle.

Once the awards were handed out and the music began to rise it was time to begin the sixth round here in Las Vegas.  Coming into tonight each fan, contestant and worker in attendance knew what was coming next as one of the most sought after openings was about to take place!  Every year on this very round the one and only Charlie Daniels lights up the night as he plays his fiddle to the ground in the awe of everyone that witnesses it live right here in the Thomas & Mack!


Tyson Durfey Claims The Top Spot In The Sixth Round Of The 2016 WNFR

PRCA Photo By Greg Westfall

Tonight we once again focus on two specific events that are contested at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and tonight one of those will be the timed event that we call tie-down roping.  Over the last five nights the action has been hot and heavy and includes some fantastic runs as well as moments of heartbreaking outcomes.  Each night has given us a different go-round winner, something that can not be said for most of the other six events included in each performance this week.

In round six the ground looked blazing fast and the fifteen competitors came into the round already seeing this set of calves once in earlier rounds.  Once the round began it was apparent that first look proved to be a lifesaver as most of the runs laid down tonight looked like some of the best we have seen here so far this week.  Tonight the man coming out on top would be Tyson Durfey alter laying down a huge 7.4 second run to take the go-round lead.  I was able to catch up with him following his round winning run to see what he had to say about the finals so far and what he looks forward to in his little bit of down time once it is all done.


Kimmie Wall Takes Home The Round Win At The Sixth 2016 WNFR

PRCA Photo By Greg Westfall

The ladies of the Womens Professional Rodeo Association take the main focus in our second event feature of the sixth round coverage from the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  Over the last five nights the ladies of the barrel racing event come in with reins waving along with the glitz and glamour that come along with it.  This year looks tremendously different than last year where the safety of both competitor and horse were questioned as the ground began to loosen up throughout the fifteen runs.  This year the ground looks fantastic and the ladies are giving nothing but praise for how it is holding up.

During the first five rounds the run times were staggering and something that we have not seen in many years here inside of the Thomas & Mack.  In all but one round if you were not under a 13.90 second run you were not even going to pick up a check for placing in the top six.  Tonight was no different as the sixth hole, the last one to win money, was a 13.85.  That being said the winning run tonight was a blazing fast time of 13.46 that Kimmie Wall put down on the arena floor to win the go-round here in Las Vegas!  I caught up with her before she took the winning ride to the South Point for the buckle presentation to see what she thought of the ground and the competition that she has here this year.  See what she has to say below!


Complete Recap Including Round Winner, Current Average Leader and Current World Leader Below


Round Winner – Jake Vold (85.50 Points)

Average Leader – Clayton Biglow (507.00 Points)

Current World Leader – Tim O’Connell

Steer Wrestling

Round Winner – Tyler Waguespack, Riley Duvall and Billy Bugenig (3.6 Seconds)

Average Leader – Tyler Waguespack (23.6 Seconds)

Current World Leader – Tyler Waguespack

Team Roping

Round Winners – Luke Brown and Jake Long (4.2 Seconds)

Average Leaders – Luke Brown and Jake Long (32.8 Seconds)

Current World Leaders – Luke Brown and Jake Long

Saddle Bronc

Round Winner – Zeke Thurston (88.50 Points)

Average Leader – Jake Watson (497.50

Current World Leader – Jacobs Crawley

Tie-Down Roping

Round Winner – Tyson Durfey (7.4 Seconds)

Average Leader – Riley Pruitt (51.2 Seconds)

Current World Leader – Marcos Costa

Barrel Racing

Round Winner – Kimmie Wall (13.46 Seconds)

Average Leader – Amberleigh Moore (82.66 Seconds)

Current World Leader – Mary Burger

Bull Riding

Round Winner – Brennon Eldred (90.50 Points)

Average Leader – Shane Proctor (505.00 Points)

Current World Leader – Sage Kimzey

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As the rounds draw closer to the end of the 2016 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo the chances for these cowboys and cowgirls to make a move up the leader boards are getting harder and harder.  After tonight there are only four rounds remaining in the 2016 rodeo season and four nights until we crown our 2016 PRCA and WPRA World Champions.  Each round from here on out will play a major role in determining who will end up taking home those titles and the gold buckles that come with them!

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