The Story behind This Adriano Moraes Interview

Sometimes good things just drop into your lap and you run with them.  This time it was World Champion and PBR Legend Adriano Moraes.

We were in what everyone calls the moat.  The narrow area between the stands filled with screaming fans and the fence for the arenas for the 2013 PBR World Finals. This is busy little corridor filled with credentialed media and CBS cameramen and on air talent.  Trust me when I say you get to know your neighbor really well while trying to stay out of the CBS gang!

It was the time between the final full round and the draw for the short round to decide the top 15 riders.  J.B just had a great ride and score while Salvanos had a not so good ride. People were not really sure if JB had the win in the bag or not…  Remember, it was a tight race to the end.

The head of the Brazilian contingent of media was standing next to us when one of his helpers spotted Adriono in the crowd above us.  They exchanged some hand signals and comments and the next thing we know, Adriano  was climbing over the rail and into our pit.  Literally!

By the time he was finished with the Brazilian media, the crowds were starting to get loud as the names of the riders were being announced for the short round.  The excitement and noise level was getting intense.  Adriano could have just went back to his seat, but with a kind word and a question by Jason Hetland, he agreed to stick around to talk.

The one thing you will always know about Adriano is that he is honest to a fault.  Opinionated, but honest when questioned.  He knew the scores and the results and admitted that America will have its first PBR World Champion in 5 years.  Even if his beloved Brazilian mathematically had a slim chance at winning, he gave his kudos to JB Mauney.

Social Media Works

For those of you still on the fence or Poo-po’ing social media…. the part edited out of the clip was the introduction of Adriano to Jason’s co-host Crystal Rae Coddington.  Adrianos remembered her from His Facebook friends list and acknowledged her.






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